My Pink Dawn With Marnie

by Barry Yoko

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released August 12, 2010




Barry Yoko Osnabrück, Germany

We're here since 2007 and by here we mean Osnabrück in Germany. We're gone since the beginning of 2012. We may return one day...

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Track Name: Hang On
hang it on on my door so
hang on
hang it on on my window
hang on
bring it down on my table
hang on
lay your head down on my shoulder
hang on

yeah you hang on the wall
hang it on
we make you fall
you will fall from your lies
hang it on

hang it on on my soul so
hang on
hang it on up on my head so
hang on
bring it down on my table
hang on
lay your head down on my shoulder
hang on
Track Name: Tad
I wasn't true to you
you were abusing me
I wasn't good to you
you were confusing me

I seemed confused to you
angry about you too
and you got no idea
for how long I've been here

I wish I were insane
you wish me all insane
god's speakin in my brain
maybe I am insane

my headlights crushed today
your head is blown away
god's speaking in my brain
maybe I am Insane

something in my brain
wont never be the same
and I will forget
what i become instead
Track Name: Mojo
oh I've got something
feels a bit like wine
it is my body
who's gonna fly

where is my baby
she should hold my hand
I will not die
'cause I understand

these things in my head
wouldn't go anymore
Track Name: Another Girl
I am gonna drive home today
I have to consider what I say
very hard to look into your eyes
let inside all of my lies

I have to lay down my fear
she gets something's wrong in here
ask me where I'm coming from
now she knows what I have done

it doesn't really matter what I will say to you
it is a one way road where I was drivin' through
it doesnt realy matter what I will say to you

I dont wanna lose what I had
fuckin' loud silence in my bed
saw you walking out my door
is this what im lookin for
Track Name: Routine
looking for the right face

dancing in the street

feeling light and there it shines

two colored roof

second for the entrance

living here for life

bored about the fireflies

don't believe the lies

can you feel the routine same routine

oh hey

fly away

can you feel the routine same routine

on the way

like always

can you feel the routine same routine

just outside
my window

there you've been alone
sitting by my side

taken by the crows

living in the rain

see my time

and take my time
take my time

you can take my time

Track Name: Room
anything is near
your trust your hope your fear
why dont you let them in
you see that theres something...
whats wrong now

whats in between
is what you've seen
if you don't get
what makes you sad

in your room and in your mind
is not the same type of time
what you see and what you feel
is not guilty is not real
Track Name: For To Stay
we got this moment here
for you and me to be
look at your horizond now
come with up on my tree

lets jump down to fly away
know we do it for to stay
lay your head down in the wind
Track Name: Kill Quentin
this silence make me go insane
these bugs are still inside my drain
I will follow them tonight
hey bugs get ready for our fight

I am swimming upon my mind
I think i take the other line
I lean backwards to let it fly
want to feel me before I die
Track Name: Hole
drive through the light
you make a change
the hole by your side
is in your range

can you crawl down to find yourself
search for someones hand
take a ride down to your home
dont bog down in the sand

switch of the light
whats in deamons eyes
he trys to fight
for you to die
Track Name: Heart Touching
there's no fix for
something not yet broken
everything's said
although we haven't even spoken

try to tell what I thought
all the doors are open
everything's said
although we haven't even spoken